What is full coverage on auto insurance?

Full coverage is a generic term used by individual, generally means coverage for a vehicle to include compressive & collision, in addition to the state required liability coverage.

I hear people say that they have state minimum, liability only coverage, what do they mean?

This generally means they are only carrying just enough liability insurance to be legal in the state of Ohio, which is 12,500/25,000/7,500 in liability protection with no other coverage's for their vehicle itself. Although, this form of coverage keeps the individual legally protected, most agents will never recommend such low coverages.

Someone borrowed my vehicle and got in an accident, are they covered by my insurance or theirs?

It depends on how your insurance policy reads. Some companies state the insurance "follows the vehicle" meaning you would have to file the claim with your insurance company. Other policies state the insurance "follows the drivers" meaning they would have to file the claim on their insurance, and your insurance would then become secondary. In case the driver that borrowed the vehicle does not have insurance or adequate coverage than your insurance will step in and take care of the claim (all depends on the level of coverage you carry).

When I rent a vehicle should I buy the rental company provided insurance coverage?

Depends on the type of insurance you carry on your personal vehicle, why and where you are renting the vehicle and for how long. It is always advisable to check with your agent before you proceed with renting a vehicle, to verify what type of coverage's will be extended to your rental vehicle.

How long do tickets and accidents stay on my record for insurance purposes?
Generally tickets and accidents will only stay on your record for three years, all though some companies do go back five years.

I don't own a vehicle or my vehicle is non drivable. Do I still need to have insurance coverage?

Yes. Ohio's Financial Responsibility law (FR) requires every applicant for registration of a motor vehicle and every applicant for a driver's license, or the renewal of such license, to sign a statement indicating that the applicant maintains, or has maintained proof of financial responsibility at the time of application, and the applicant will not operate a motor vehicle in Ohio without maintaining proof of financial responsibility.

What is an SR-22 bond versus a non-owner policy?

Non-owner policy is a policy for an individual with a valid driver license, yet does not own a vehicle. An SR-22 bond is legally required by the state for various reasons it requires a driver to file with the state, for a certain period of time, showing proof of current insurance coverage.

Why does my credit affect my insurance rates?

Insurance companies believe that you are more likely to pay your premium if you have a higher credit scores, and that the more financially stable an individual appears on paper, the less likely they are to have an accident and/or file claims.

Does it affect my credit score having an insurance company run my credit for a quote?

No, when it comes to credit inquiries, there are two types of inquiries: hard pulls and soft pulls. A hard pull refers to credit inquiries for acquiring some form of fund in a credit form, like a credit card company or a lender. A soft pull is an inquiry that reviews your credit score, much like an agent would to determine an insurance quote. Soft pulls often aren't recorded down on your credit report. If they are, the insurance company's name will be listed on your report, but the inquiry will not effect or lower your credit scores.

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