I have life insurance through work, why do I need anything else?

Having life insurance through work is a great idea. However, it is not a good idea for that to be your only form of protection. The company you work for owns the policy, not you. So if you were to leave the company, be laid-off, become disabled, that type of policy will be left behind and buying a new policy might not be as affordable to you. Also, many times people have no idea about the level of coverage they have through work or the details of their policy, in most cases and generally the coverage is never enough to cover your entire need. It is always a good idea to look for a life policy coverage outside of work that you can be the owner and can be better suited to fit your individual needs and provide the right amount of coverage for your beneficiaries - Your Loved Ones /p>

I am young, single, with no kids, why do I need life Insurance?

Unless you plan on staying this way the rest of your life, eventually, you will need life insurance. Why not look into a policy that can grow with you and provide you a level of coverage for now and the future. Buying life insurance at a young age will allow you to keep your premium low, as you are young and healthy rather then waiting for later in life when you are older and the premium may be higher, or you may not even qualify for insurance for health reason. In addition, no matter what your current situation, remember that there is always cost associated with an untimely death, costs that loved one and family member will have to bear on top of their loss.

People always tell me when it comes to buying life insurance it is always cheaper to buy term and invest the rest?

If that's what you are most comfortable with then do that. Any life insurance is better than none. Just keep in mind very few people have the discipline to actually invest the rest of their life and on a regular basis.

I have a history of health problems, can I still get life insurance?

Life insurance may still be available, it is always best to discuss with your agent as they may have different avenues to fit that need.

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